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January 16, 2009


Finally, a game simple enough to learn by experimenting but complex enough to keep you engaged for hours.

My game engine code base has really matured over the last year as it's feature set has had to match the needs of iO during it's development. Finally I can really play with concepts as they pop into my head.

So, while I was finishing off the game progression aspects of iO a simple game idea occurred to me, and for the first time ever I could quickly throw that idea together into a game. After about 2 weeks of occasional spare time writing it and doing the simple artwork, Efficiency is the product of that idea.

It's just a 'beat the high score' sort of game with a few elements you might find familiar if you've ever played Chu Chu Rocket. I think it could most easily be described as a puzzle game involving sliding blocks. Play it and see.

Note: Sadly this version contains a bug that prevents it from running on Windows 7. I'm in the process of fixing it as time permits. However, the bug is basically the entire sound system so it might be a while.


I cant get it to install on my windows xp mini dell laptop!! Why? This isnt good enough...Fix it!! Comments from Max - *chuckles*

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