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May 14, 2010

Criminal Space Duck

Some nonsense involving a duck that came out of a quick sketch. From idea to complete in a few hours.


A little nonsense that came out of a quick sketch.

I've heard several peoples theories on what the duck might have done wrong (or right depending on your point of view). Feel free to tell me yours.

Pencil / Photoshop - 6 Hours

Mr Mcduckington robbed a bank.....tried to escape via a space rocket.....Only made it just above the earths atmosphere when he was captured...You can find him in the world records book for 'first duck in space'...... =)

Peter Johnson

perhaps the duck was a safequacker? I apologise for the low and predictable quality of the above pun.

That does'nt even get a chuckle! Shame on you! (ha ha) O_^

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