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August 9, 2010


By popular demand I've updated efficiency. Now with better music, windows 7 support and a few tweaks and fixes

At the start of 2009 I created a simple puzzle game called Efficiency. Despite being a simple project that I put together in a few weeks it turned out to be much more popular than I ever expected.

Over time I got lots of people asking me to fix It's biggest failing. A total lack of functionality on Windows 7.

So here by popular demand, is a new and marginally improved version of Efficiency (which to celebrate I've added a ' + ' to). It should work fine on windows 7, it's got much nicer procedurally generated music and it's even got a few added bits and little fixes.


Mark Parnaby

I got on the scoreboard first, but I'm guessing I won't stay there long. Looking good, and I'm liking the new music. I found it a little hard to drop a piece if I picked it up from the menu and changed my mind before placing it. It's a great game and would probably work nicely as an Xbox indie game.


Nice one!

Phil Sampson

Love it, simple concept but very addictive. Agree with Mark about dropping a factory if you change your mind. Perhaps a right mouse click to clear the selection.


You can drop a factory by clicking back on the bottom bar.. but as it's an issues that several people have raised I'll change it to be simpler :-) ... glad you like it.+


Ok I've added the required DirectX components to the install process. the game changes will take a little longer. I'm a little sad that I had to push the size of the download up above 15mb.


I was wrong ... it didn't take very long at all. The new version is now up, with factory drop indication and proper widescreen support.

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