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April 21, 2012


Once again I've fallen clumsily onto my audio software. It made this noise.

As a break from the trend of things taking longer and longer. This one came about reasonably quickly. If it's not obvious from the name it's a bit Blade Runner themed, complete with cheesy film samples

I'm sure it'll be less than a week before I decide it's terrible and start wanting to mess with (or delete) bits of it.


September 26, 2011


A track that's not very much about rocks in space

I'm sure every track I make takes twice as long as the one that preceeded it. In this case my decision to do all the music score from scratch instead of relying as much on samples probably had something to do with it.

I'm sure I'll look back on it at some point in the future and hate it for it's simplicity but for now I'm pretty happy with the result.


August 6, 2010


A not quite so successful blend of electronic music and 'A dream within a dream' by E.A.Poe

Having enjoyed making 'I am' back in 2006 I decided to give the whole poem/music combo thing another go. This time I chose 'A dream within a dream' by Edgar Allen Poe. Like many of the poems by Poe, it's probaly been used and abused plenty of times already so I thought one more couldn't hurt.

This track took an absolute age to put together. Not because it was complex, but because I had real trouble finding the right sound and parts for it. In the end I got a little fed up with it and just wanted it finished.

I have mixed feelings about the final result. On one hand it's instruments are not perfect and some of the sample transitions are jarring. On the other hand it's probably one of the best drum tracks I've ever made. That alone got it on here (you'll have to get past the first half to really hear the whole drum section running)


August 1, 2010

The Calm

A track I created for the quite sections of iO.

For the quiet sections of iO I needed a calm track. Something ambient that didn't get annoying after the fourth or fifth time round. This turned out to be a pretty tricky task.

This track is basically as close as I got to what I needed. It's ambient, it doesn't really go anywhere and it's almost impossible to spot when it's looped. It's alright but it's not as good as the Hectic track I made for. So, if I get a chance (and I go back to iO) I might yet replace it.


July 27, 2010


I'm a big fan of H.P.Lovecraft so in 2006 I made this track.

Outsider is one of H.P.Lovecrafts many short stories. In many ways it's typical of his style. A running commentary (in the first person) of a mans journey through a series of carefully described 'indescribable' events that ultimately end badly for him. The horror. The horror!

I quite enjoyed making this track using a freely available reading of the short story as a base (and inspiration). It's worthy of note that this is one of the first tracks where almost the entire drum beat track was constructed a single beat at a time (rather than from sampled loops). This was mainly because I wanted something a little odd and couldn't find any examples of it. if it's not obvious, I'm pretty happy with this one, even after all these years.


July 22, 2010


Armed with some guitar and cheezy voice samples this happened in 2005

There are two main reasons I could never be a proper musical artist.

First of all I'm too fickle and whimsical to stick to a single style. Someone listening to one track might decide it's something they like only to find every other track I've produced to be nothing like it.

Second, and more importantly, there's no way I could argue that what I do now for my own amusment is anything like actual music creation. I can't play a real instrument (aside from a bit of drumming and I'm not really sure that counts) I can't read or write music and I have no knowledge of music theory

but hey, it never stopped punk rock


July 17, 2010

Five Minutes Alone

An mostly ambient track created in about two hours some way back in 2004.

This was one of those nice tracks that just fell together easily, all the components came to hand as I searched and the places I put them just sort of worked first time. It's a great shame that these days such occasions are very rare.

I'm beginning to think that the time really has come to give up on the manipulation of samples and learn to use a synth and some proper music skills. like it's that easy


June 8, 2010


I slightly busy bleepy track I created for the hectic sections of iO

The setting of iO was the digital world beyond the computer screen, so I wanted a busy blippy track to accompany the hectic parts of the game; Something that meandered about a little and didn't get annoying or distracting after the third or forth time you heard it. This was the product of that plan.

It came out of one of those nice occasions where attempting to create something approaching music seems easy and every click of the mouse has a positive effect. Even the original intent and purpose seems to have lasted the whole course of the creation process. It's still computer game backing music so don't get your hopes up.


May 19, 2010

I am

The first track I used poetry in. I Am by John Clare

There's a lot of poetry. and the tools available to search for good bits amongst the mountain of rubbish are about as poor as they could be

It's not that I'm against poetry, there are some pieces I really love. it's just a shame that there is so much and no easy way of finding what your looking for, especially as audio

On the occasion I was looking for an interesting piece to thread through the various bits of a track I was making (some time ago now) I came across 'I Am' by John Clare. It falls quite easily in the set of poems I like (though a great many of his do not) so it became the first poem I used in one of my tracks, and to date it's probably the best